Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Pictures From The Reduction Firing Workshop

Fire, Fire, Fire!!!
Inside the kiln during firing...
During the firing, in between checks of the kiln every 30 minutes, John lectured.
Happy nothing blew up in the kiln...
John answering questions...
Sunday afternoon snow...
John reviewing all the work that was fired.
If you ever have a chance to take one of John's workshops I highly recommend it. Information on his workshops can be found here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reduction Firing Workshop

This past weekend I attended a Reduction Firing Workshop given by John Britt in Spruce Pine, NC. It was my first experience firing a gas kiln. Not only did I have a blast (pun intended) but I learned a lot about reduction, glazes, etc. We glazed our pots Friday evening and placed them in the kiln. The firing started around 7 AM Saturday and was done around 5:30 PM. At noon on Sunday we opened the kiln.
John went over each pot explaining the different glazes, how they react in reduction, and how we might improve upon the next firing given the results.
We also got some snow (about three inches). The first two days were mostly rain and then it started snowing. I spent a couple of days in Mars Hill, NC working with Tom Turner. Tom is one of the most talented, if not the most talented, porcelain potters in the U.S. Here is a picture of us standing next to some large pots he recently acquired. They are the largest pots ever thrown in the States and each weighs approximately 1500 lbs.
Just south of Mars Hill is a small town named Weaverville. I found a great restaurant with live music six nights a week. The place is called Blue Mountain Pizza. I wish we had one here in Gainesville. I spent every evening in Mars Hill at Blue Mountain listening to local live music.

After the Workshop ended early Sunday afternoon I drove up to Bakersville to visit with Joy Tanner. Not only is Joy a super nice person but she makes amazing pots. I bought a tile (to hang on the wall)...
and a cup...
Her website is http://joytannerpottery.com/ and her blog is located HERE.

That's all for now.